09/16/2013 12:40 pm ET Updated Nov 16, 2013

Why Working Hard Is GOOD For You


It's so easy to rant and rave about work, and complain about the endless stress it causes us. Almost too easy. The annoying co-workers! The never-ending exhaustion! The crazy boss! But really, what gives with all the negativity?

Are things really as bad as we make them out to be? Well...probably not. "The problem is that we don't think it's possible to design work that we love, so we sometimes get bratty about giving it our all," says Laurie Gerber, executive and senior coach at Handel Group Life Coaching. "What I have found with countless clients is that designing a great career and giving your whole self to it is one of the greatest joys in life. Also, giving 110%, though we fear and avoid it, actually feels great! But, truly going for it means we have to talk down the internal voices of the 'brat' and the 'chicken' (fear)."

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