09/17/2013 09:10 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Star Andre Braugher Talks About Playing Gay For New Comedy (VIDEO)

Did you watch the premiere of Fox's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"? Well you should've -- we told you to enough times! (Here, here and here, in case you missed them all.)

But in order to keep some element of surprise for viewers, there's one part of the show that we didn't discuss before it aired: The unexpected twist that Andre Braugher's police captain character is gay.

Watch the video interview with Braugher, above, to hear his thoughts on the character, how he'll be playing it and why it's important to him that they get it right.

"I think it's wonderful that it's part of a complex person, as opposed to the defining characteristic, because when it is the defining characteristic it's always gonna bump up, inevitably, against good taste and wind up creating an offensive stereotype," Braugher said.

"I will have a husband like everyone else has a husband or a wife, but it's going to be entirely appropriate, and that's of overwhelming importance to me."

Any casting picks for who he'd like to play his TV husband? "I have no idea who my husband will be -- it's very much like 'The Bachelor,' only reversed," Braugher said with a laugh.

Watch the interview with Braugher, above, and tell us: Were you surprised by the twist? Are you happy to see a new anti-stereotypical gay character like this on TV?

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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