09/17/2013 05:03 am ET Updated Sep 17, 2013

Leno Has Footage Of Chris Hemsworth On Australia's 'Dancing With The Stars,' Soap Opera (VIDEO)

Jay Leno loves to take his guests down memory lane on "The Tonight Show." But it's never to show them happy memories from their high school prom or anything pleasant. Instead, it's to highlight something potentially embarrassing. For Chris Hemsworth, he had two such moments.

Before hitting it big in the United States, Hemsworth was a successful actor and celebrity in Australia. So Leno reached back to Hemsworth's home country for a clip from his soap opera days on a show called "Home and Away." The scene showed Hemsworth fainting dramatically, to the delight of Leno's audience.

“That was drama school, learning to faint like that," Hemsworth laughed.

The second clip was Hemsworth's celebrity turn on Australia's "Dancing With the Stars." But while the audience cheered Hemsworth's moves, he told them, "It’s nothing to cheer about, that dancing.” Does this mean he's not looking to join the U.S. edition of "DWTS' anytime soon?

He is rather busy with his acting career these days. His latest project, the Ron Howard-directed racing movie "Rush," is in theaters now.

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