09/17/2013 09:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Beckham: Harper Nearly Kicked Anna Wintour At Fashion Week (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Nearly a week after it's over, New York Fashion Week seems like it was a total blur. There's one image we simply can't shake, however: Harper Beckham playing with seatmate Anna Wintour at mummy Victoria's runway show.

Yet it turns out baby Beckham's beaming face was a bit more dangerous than it appeared. On Monday, daddy David Beckham revealed to E! News that Harper had a bit too much energy for the front row:

"It was the first show that she sat out there and I was sitting next to Anna [Wintour], of course. I was trying to keep Harper from … because she was standing up and she was sitting down, she was saying, 'I like the pink dress. I like the white dress.' Her legs were moving around and I thought, 'I don't want her to kick Anna.' But Anna was so unbelievably sweet to her. She was so sweet to her. You know, she's got children so she's used to that."

Just when we thought this haute playdate couldn't get any cuter... it did. If you need us, we'll be scouring the Internet for even more Vines and Instagram videos of Harper bending it like Beckham in the front row.

Remember this?


It's totally normal to be jealous of Harper... right?

Harper Beckham: One Stylish Baby

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