09/17/2013 11:55 am ET

Max, 11-Year-Old Boy, Gives His Savings To Milwaukee Police To Honor Late Grandfather (VIDEO)

A sweet gesture from one young boy has lifted the morale of an entire police department.

On Friday afternoon, a boy walked into the Greenfield Police Department in Milwaukee. The security camera footage shows him taking a plastic bag filled with change out of his backpack and setting it on the counter.

Assistant Police Chief Paul Schlecht told Fox6 that he then said, "I want to donate my money to the police department," and left before the clerk could get his name.

This afternoon a Facebook post from the Greenfield Police identified the boy as 11-year-old Max who rode his bike to the police station without his parents' knowledge.

He donated the money in memory of his grandfather, an officer who had been killed in the line of duty in 1974.

The donation ended up totaling $10.03 and was given to the Greenfield Police Foundation where it will be used to help pay for training and equipment.

"We'd like to thank him for his donation and acknowledge his generosity," Schlecht told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday. "It turned out to be $10.03, but it was probably all the money he had, so that's very significant."

H/T: Greenfield Patch



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