09/17/2013 12:40 pm ET

'Nebraska' Trailer: Have A Beer With Bruce Dern

Paramount debuted the first trailer for Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" on Tuesday, just one month before the film's U.S. bow at the New York Film Festival. The strong teaser gives special attention to Bruce Dern's performance as Woody, a man who thinks he won $1 million from a direct-mail sweepstakes and then enlists his son (Will Forte) to help retrieve the bounty. Dern is one of the top Best Actor contenders, though there is some debate over which category the 77-year-old star should campaign in for Oscar.

"My take is this," Dern told THR about whether he should be considered for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor. "The story is about who Woody is and where he's going. It's probably 50-50 screen time with Will Forte, but Woody is a leading role. If I go supporting, I;m a whore. Because I never came to Hollywood to win an award. I came to do good movies. If I go supporting, it's embarrassing to the Academy because it looks like I'm trying to sneak in somehow so I can eat all those chicken and peas dinners. I'd rather go the right way than backdoor my way into a supporting because of my age or whatever."

"Nebraska" is out on Nov. 15 in limited release. Check out the first trailer above.

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