09/17/2013 01:37 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Putin's New York Times Op-Ed Gets Puckbuddys' Rebuttal (VIDEO)

Puckbuddys, a site for hockey players and the guys who love them (and the sport in general, too), have decided to add their two cents to the growing anti-gay controversy surrounding Russia.

In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's Op-Ed piece for The New York Times, Puckbuddys have written their own letter to Putin. The letter, which is in video-form, shows shirtless images of Putin interspersed with the Puckbuddys' message and homoerotic images of Russians kissing.

The Puckbuddys received some major press for their new video when Ted Leonsis, founder and chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, the Washington, D.C.-based sports giant which owns the Washington Capitals (NHL), Washington Wizards (NBA) and the Washington Mystics (WNBA), blogged about the video on his website Ted's Take.

The Puckbuddys' video, along with an investigative journalist threatening to out Russian politicians and Cher refusing to perform at the Sochi Olympic Games next year, are just the latest developments in the story of Russia and their passing of anti-gay laws earlier this summer. It seems these days Russia is receiving anything but good press -- and for good reason.



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