09/17/2013 09:38 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Spin The Bottle,' Matthew Barnard's Web Series, Previews Its Upcoming Third Season (VIDEO)

The title for Matthew Barnard's web series "Spin the Bottle" should conjure up memories of middle school basement parties -- but in this case, it's a more literal interpretation. (WARNING: clip may not be safe for work)

"Spin the Bottle" is about six friends (let the "Friends," "How I Met Your Mother" and "Happy Endings" comparisons commence) who spout love and dating advice to one another while drinking. Barnard describes his web series as being "about six friends who give each other tips on love, relationships and sex, all while tipsy."

Roy and Perry are a gay couple who, along with their other friends, dish out the dating advice. Judging from the video above, there are plenty of gay and straight sexcapades happening in the series.

The trailer above is for the upcoming third season, but don't fear if you're late to the game and need to catch up on the previous seasons, all the episodes are available to watch on the "Spin the Bottle" Tumblr page.

Check out the trailer above, and keep an eye out for the new season when it premieres later this month.



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