09/17/2013 06:16 pm ET

Former Teen Mom: 'I Was Taught That If You Use Birth Control, You Can Get Cancer'

Misinformation may be to blame for some of the unplanned pregnancies in this country. Gloria Malone, a former teen mom, joined HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd to shed light on why some women decide to have unprotected sex.

"The only time any type of contraceptive was stated -- in I guess what you can call sex ed -- was mentions of how it can fail," Malone said. "I was actually taught that sperm are so small that they can swim through the latex. I was taught that if you use birth control, you can get cancer."

So rather than opt for a method of contraception that she was told was a failure, she opted out of any form of birth control. "So when I went to go have sex, they told me it failed already, and I had no way to get it affordably or easily .. So I just went ahead and had unsafe sex," said Malone.

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