09/17/2013 07:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

14 Signs You Need A Vacation, In GIFs

1. What used to be stress-relieving household chores are now impossible tasks to tackle.

2. When somebody asks for a favor, no matter how small, you simply cannot help. At all.

3. Work has become, like, SO irrelevant.

4. Another day without sun feels like the end of the universe itself.

5. You no longer pretend to smile during your co-worker's stories of her vacation experience.

6. You're just. so. tired.

7. You try on your fave vacation looks, just for fun.

8. You're no longer impressed by opulent indoor environments. Only a beach will make you happy at this point.

9. And your neighborhood pool no longer induces excitement. At ALL.

10. Waking up for work causes real, physical pain.

11. And at-home entertainment has begun to resemble a "Jackass" episode.

12. You find yourself mentally planning tropical ocean getaways as you drift to sleep.

13. And you just feel... sad.

14. When you found out the office was closing one hour early this Friday...



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