09/18/2013 09:29 am ET

Will America's Fear Of Black Men Ever Go Away?


Ferrell, a 24-year-old former Florida A&M football player, crashed his car early Saturday morning. After climbing out, he ran to a nearby home for help. The resident, a woman waiting for her husband, opened the door and—realizing it wasn’t him—closed it. She then called 911 to report a man trying to break into her home. Three officers arrived and found Ferrell about a block from the house. During the encounter, according to the police report, Ferrell ran toward them and at least one opened fire, killing him.

Ferrell joins a long, tragic list. This March, for instance, Kimani Gray was shot to death by officers in Brooklyn, New York, after he was confronted for “suspicious behavior.” A year before, in New Orleans, Wendell Allen, 20, was killed in his home by police executing a search warrant for marijuana. And Kendrec McDade, 19, was killed while running from police in Pasadena, California, after he was falsely accused of attempted theft.