09/18/2013 04:51 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Premiere: Andy Samberg Clashes With Andre Braugher In The Best Way Possible (VIDEO)

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has been called the best new comedy of the fall season, and it's certainly off to a strong start. The series stars "Saturday Night Live"-alum Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, a brilliant but immature detective in Brooklyn's 99th precinct. His antics put him immediately at odds with the straight-laced new captain, Ray Holt, played Andre Braugher.

While the show is a comedy, and has plenty of laughs, it still took the time to tackle and solve and actual crime in this premiere, like a police procedural. It just did so through the lunacy of Samberg's Peralta. He even got a little help in a quick gag from fellow "SNL"-alum Fred Armisen.'s Tim Surette loved the randomness of Armisen's cameo. "Fred Armisen's [Andy] Kaufman-esque cameo as "M-L-E-cray" was the funniest bit in the pilot, and it's easy to see 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' using this sort of drop-in gag to its advantage moving forward," he wrote. Samberg has certainly made plenty of funny friends through his years on "SNL," so we would expect more familiar faces to drop by for some fun.

Over at HuffPost TV, Mo Ryan said that "if the cast and writers can continue to invoke the spirit of ‘Parks and Rec’ while also channeling the shaggy, humane humor of the wonderful old-school cop comedy ‘Barney Miller’ ... Fox may have another winner on its hands.” "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is co-created by Mike Schur, who also co-created "Parks & Recreation," so he should certainly be able to tap into more of that spirit of workplace hilarity.

The procedural laughs continue on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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