09/18/2013 12:32 pm ET

Dennis Rodman Pistachio Ad Is Exactly As Confusing As It Sounds (VIDEO)

To sell... pistachios? Please send help.

Usually, when faced with Dennis Rodman, in just about any scenario, our takeaway ends up being simply, "WTF?" This Wonderful Pistachios ad, featuring Rodman, a Kim Jong Un look-a-like, pistachios and an explosive button has been no exception. Just to clarify, in case that sentence was confusing, this is a Dennis Rodman pistachio ad. With North Korea's leader and explosions.

Of course, we're never exactly expecting Rodman to be an eloquent or major player in the foreign diplomacy department, but mocking a notoriously temperamental dictator (regardless of their new BFF-dom) with a crack about being trigger happy when it comes to explosive weapons in order to sell pistachios? There have got to be at least four or five people we'd like to shake by the shoulders and ask how this commercial was allowed to get made.

On a lighter note: damn, can Rodman match his hair color to his surroundings or WHAT?

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