09/18/2013 07:28 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Dick Cheney Set To Go Hunting With Wyoming Governor, This Time For Antelope, Hopefully


Former Vice President Dick Cheney will be in his home state of Wyoming this weekend to take part in an annual hunting competition. Gov. Matt Mead (R) will be his partner, as they look to bag themselves some bucks in the One Shot Antelope Hunt, held in Lander.

The event will kick off on Saturday morning, when eight teams of three come together on the first day of the antelope season and try to rack up the most single-shot antelope kills.

Word to the wise to Mead and his other partner, be careful hunting with Cheney. While the former Wyoming representative has been known to be something of an outdoorsman, it's impossible to forget that Cheney once shot a man in the face while hunting quail.

In 2006, Texas trial lawyer Harry Whittington was on a hunting trip with the then-vice president, when Cheney wheeled around to shoot a bird and instead blasted hundred of birdshot pellets into his hunting partner. While Whittington, now 86, still carries metallic mementos of that fateful day in his face and neck, Cheney has apparently never apologized.

CORRECTION: This article originally referred to Cheney as a former Wyoming senator. He served as a representative.



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