09/18/2013 01:46 pm ET

According To This Man, Relationships Are Like White Sneakers Wearing On Your 'Sole'

Riley has a really important question: What is it like to have a girlfriend? According to his Uncle Justin, a relationship is a lot like a pair of white sneakers.

Justin -- who may not be the best advice-giver -- explains to his toddler companion that when your sole/soul is completely worn out, it's probably time for a new pair. But don't give up, you will find those sneakers you want to keep forever.

We hope that Riley learns that even though sneakers/relationships get old, a weathered pair can be better in a lot of ways. They are way more comfy, and there is no ground they can't tread upon. Those white sneakers have probably seen a lot, and deserve respect and care. So while they might not be new, they are mature and wise.

Besides, some good ol' shoe shine can always bring that special spark back to your shoes! Ahem ahem... relationship.

[H/T Fatawesome]