09/18/2013 01:25 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Your House On Mars Would Be Built By Robots And Made Of Stone, In Case You Were Wondering (PHOTOS)

Aspiring Martian colonists listen up! Life on Mars isn't just for Marvin the Martian. The German architect firm ZA Architects have created a housing concept that would allow humans to live on the red plant.

According to Dezeen, the dwellings would be underground and would be dug out of basalt rock by robots. "Curiosity sooner or later will bring human to Mars and wouldn't it be nice to have permanent station to explore it?" Arina Ageeva, one of the members of the team told the site. "It seems pretty logical to use caves as the main protective structure of the colony."

The whole process seems rather complicated (the firm's website has diagrams to help us non-science-savvy folks out) but the end result would consist of a habitable space with floors, water and oxygen, set in place by astronauts.

As cool (and a little scary) as this might sound, it's still just an idea. Although, Ageeva did say that this could totally come to life in about 10 years. "Right now it is may not be possible, because such robotics do not exist, but generally we don't see anything unrealistic in this proposition," she told the site.

Scroll through our photos to see the team's concept, and be sure to head over to Dezeen and ZA Architects for more information. H/T the Daily Mail.

Living on Mars

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