09/19/2013 01:12 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2013

'I Hate California: Camping' Takes Aim At The State's Bountiful Natural Getaways (GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

Were you feeling secure in your natural beauty, California? Take a seat.

Comedian and professional California trash-talker Suzi Barrett has taken aim at the Golden State with her satirical "I Hate California" series as of late, and this week she's chosen yet another victim: The favorite getaway of all those forsaken granola-guzzling Californians--camping. And she has one message for all that lush greenery: "Pick a new color."

But like San Francisco and the wine country before, it's not so much Barrett insulting camping as it is camping insulting her. "It's so peaceful I can hardly hear myself complain," she laments, taking offense at all the "free art," "untranslatable beauty," "stupid connection to nature," "stupid rejuvenation" and "trees that tell a story."

No free riverfront property or tranquil bird is safe from her disgust.

"Stupid evidence of life," she says, shortly before flipping off an egret.

Warning: NSFW language.



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