09/18/2013 08:42 am ET

Lentil Soup Recipes You're Going To Love (PHOTOS)

Verses from my Kitchen

Of all the soup recipes there are to choose from out there, lentil soup is the most unassuming. It's not as popular as tomato and not as flashy as French onion, but there's something about this protein-rich soup that has the ability to comfort beyond all the others. Lentil soup recipes are just what we need when the weather turns cool.

Lentil soup recipes are hearty and filling -- and they come in all kinds of variations. If you're feeling like something smoky, you can add bacon. If vegetables are what you crave, add them to a pot of lentils. You can make them French or flavor them with Indian spices -- just be sure to eat them all autumn long.

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Lentil Soup