09/18/2013 09:50 am ET

Martin O'Malley Hits Rick Perry As Texas Governor Visits Maryland

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) took a hit at Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) in an op-ed published Wednesday in the Washington Post.

Perry is traveling to Maryland on Wednesday as part of an effort to lure businesses to Texas. He will visit a Beretta USA facility as part of the trip.

"On the No. 1 issue facing our nation -- how to ensure that Americans are winners, not losers, in the 21st-century economy -- two divergent approaches frame the debate. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is highlighting this debate with his trip to Maryland on Wednesday," O'Malley wrote in the op-ed.

O'Malley criticized Perry and other Republicans for subscribing "to the slash-and-burn economic philosophy -- a belief that 'less' will somehow become 'more.'"

"In Texas, [Perry] has implemented this vision with gusto, cutting taxes and slashing funding for critical middle-class priorities such as public schools, higher education, health care and infrastructure," O'Malley writes. "The results? Texas ranks 49th in high school graduation, 10th in the rate of poverty and 50th in the percent of residents with even basic health insurance."

Perry promoted his trip with a series of television and radio ads telling people in Maryland to "think Texas." O'Malley called the ads a "tired old PR gimmick" earlier this month.

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