09/18/2013 06:18 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Roxy To Come Out With First 100 Percent Recyclable Flip Flop

Your environmental footprint just got a whole lot smaller, literally.

Roxy announced a partnership with PLUS Compound Technologies to produce a 100 percent recyclable flip flop that will hit stories in 2014.

Called "Kiwi" the flip flop will be "non-microbial, non absorbent and eligible for reclaim at any of the PLUSfoam facilities around the world."

Roxy and PLUS are hoping that by creating a product that has zero production waste, they'll be able to sell customers on design and what they're calling their "closed-loop story."

“Anyone who has been to a manufacturing facility in China within the last 20 years has seen the piles of post-manufacturing scrap first-hand,” PLUSfoam CEO, Brett Ritter said. “Our goal at PLUS is to eliminate these piles while producing the best possible performance-based products. With Roxy getting on board, we’re collectively making a difference."

Roxy isn't the first company to consider their sole values. With 300 million pairs of shoes thrown away annually in the U.S. alone, Rekixx -- a company that got its start on ABC's "Shark Tank" -- decided to create a 100 percent recyclable sneaker. There is no part of their shoe that ever sees a landfill and can by recycled with the rest of your plastics in your curbside bin.



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