09/18/2013 07:59 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2013

20 Applause-Worthy Vines Of People Messing With Walmart

People love hating Walmart. They apparently love twerking in it too.

These are the best Vines involving hilarious – and often inappropriate – behavior in the mega-store.

But before trying any of these yourself, we encourage you to remember that it's not the Walmart executives or the Walton Family who will be cleaning up your mess. Jerks.

Consider this further proof that Walmart employees aren't paid nearly enough.

It's a duck hunt.

Mario bests Luigi.

Watermelon toss.

This kid hacked Walmart.

Workout video.

Doing weird things with pantyhose.

A lot of inchworms.

Selfies with strangers.

Spraying it all away.

Just running things over.

Batman cosplay.

A classic.

Ends how you'd expect.

Just charging into the wall.

Hating on the chairs.

Trying on some pants.

Practicing a soccer kick.

Walmart's where the party's at.

This kid know's what's up.

And then there's this.