09/18/2013 01:25 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2013

Wesley Quinlan And Wiyanna Nelson, Colorado Teen Flood Victims, Remembered On 'Today'

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Friends of the teen couple who perished in the Colorado floods remembered them on the "Today" show Monday.

Wesley Quinlan and Wiyanna Nelson, both 19, had been dating for just seven months when they became two of the eight confirmed fatalities in the state's catastrophic flood. Emily Briggs and Nathan Jennings, who appear in the "Today" video above, were with the teen couple when they lost control of Briggs' Subaru on Sept. 11 on the way home from a birthday party in Boulder.

“I looked at Wesley and he looked at me, and he jumped after her,’’ Briggs told NBC. “They were my best friends, and I feel like I watched them die.”

Briggs said that rocks and heavy water began hitting the car and that everyone tried to leave the car to reach safety, and that's when Nelson was swept away, prompting Quinlan to go after her. Jennings also got swept away, but was able to catch onto a log or branch and be rescued.

"I just sat in the car, and when I looked up again, I realized everyone was gone. I just realized it was safest for me to stay in the car," Briggs said. She was rescued by a volunteer fireman from the rising floodwaters three hours later.

Authorities found Quinlan's body the very next day, and found Nelson's body on the following Friday.



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