09/18/2013 05:57 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2013

Gloria Steinem: Media's Representation Of Women Has Changed 'Not Nearly Enough' (VIDEO)

Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan appeared on Wednesday's "CBS This Morning" to call for greater representation of women in the media.

The three women co-founded the Women's Media Center with the goal of addressing the gender disparity in media. On Wednesday, Steinem said that the presence and portrayal of women in the media has changed, but "not nearly enough."

The roundtable discussed the pay gap, as well as some statistics: women make up 25 percent of guests on Sunday talk shows, 30 percent of local news directors, 36 percent of newspaper newsrooms and 27 percent of front page bylines, according to the organization.

"The positions of power are still largely concentrated in the hands of a relatively few rich, pale males," Morgan said, jokingly adding, "With the exception of you of course Charlie."

She continued, "What you see in front of the camera is one thing... but where the real power resides, in terms of who decides what the news is, who decides what the stories are — women are not a minority group... so for us not to be included in all forms of media... is bad for media, it's bad for journalism and ultimately, it's bad for democracy."



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