09/19/2013 12:33 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2013

Viral Video Shows Crowd Cheering On Dramatic Rescue Effort

Emergency workers, so often unsung heroes, last week got a deserved taste of the glory that athletes often receive.

In video gone viral for all the right reasons, bystanders cheer firefighters from Engine 5 in Rochester, N.Y., as they administer CPR on a 58-year-old man on Sept. 12. Known only as "Artie," the man had crashed his truck into a utility poll after an apparent heart attack.

Luckily, the accident happened across the street from the fire house.

The entreaties of the crowd as the rescuers work feverishly to save Artie will restore your faith in humanity. They shout for Artie to hang on while urging on the efforts of Engine 5's John Joseph, Rich Boskow, Chris Courtney and their captain, Scott Joerger.

"When they started cheering on Engine 5 and encouraging us it was really surprising, but humbling to know the neighborhood has so much confidence in us," Joseph told The Huffington Post. "None of us had ever heard a crowd cheer like that, especially knowing who Engine 5 is."

Then comes the chill-inducing moment when an onlooker notices that Artie's color has returned. "There was a lot of good energy that day and we had an awesome outcome," Joseph added.

As Right This Minute noted in the video above, Artie pulled through and later visited the fire house.

Joseph told HuffPost that he and his colleagues were grateful for the appreciation but a little embarrassed by the attention.