09/19/2013 05:45 pm ET

Kevin Bacon, Runaway Pig, Loose In New Jersey Community (VIDEO)

Cue the "Footloose" jokes!

A pet pig affectionately nicknamed Kevin Bacon is still on the loose more than two weeks after it first escaped from its teenage owners in New Jersey.

The 2-month-old porker had been adopted by a group of seniors at Kingsway Regional High School in Woolwich Township, according to CBS Philly. Kingsway student Angel Ekpo, as well as a handful of kids from the class of 2014, had hoped to make the pig the school's unofficial mascot. (The official mascot is a dragon.)

“We figure the school’s principal and assistant principals would eventually be like ‘oh this is a cute idea,’” classmate Cassandra Hagstoz told CBS Philly.

Perhaps to sweeten the deal, the group had planned to name the piglet Dubbs, after assistant principal Edward Dubbs, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The friends adopted the pig on Sept. 3, according to the Inquirer. The trouble began when Dubbs was brought to a temporary pen at the home of student Shane Murray.

"[The farmer] warned us," Hagstoz told the Inquirer. "He said, 'Watch out. The pig's pretty fast.'"

Murray noted that Dubbs easily ran circles around his hapless human owners.

“We tried cornering it in my backyard, but it goes out into Locke Avenue in Swedesboro and then it just darts into the woods,” Murray told the South Jersey Times. “We tried chasing it multiple times and, darn that thing is fast. I never knew how fast a pig could be.”

Since then, Dubbs has been spotted repeatedly in the area, and as his fame has grown so has his fan base. One particularly enthusiastic group of admirers even created a Facebook page for the pig, renaming him "Kevin Bacon" and posting updates on his known whereabouts.

Owen Sturm, the assistant manager of Gloucester County Animal Control, told the Inquirer that catching Kevin "Dubbs" Bacon may not be easy.

"It can be tricky," Sturm told the South Jersey Times. "It all depends on the pig."



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