09/19/2013 03:12 pm ET

Man Shoots Property Manager During Eviction Attempt At $1.6 Million Home

And you thought you had real estate problems.

A California man shot his property manager through a locked door during an eviction attempt at a $1.6 million home on Wednesday, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to the Chronicle, two deputies, a property manager and a locksmith arrived at a foreclosed home in an upscale gated community in San Ramon, a wealthy San Francisco suburb, to evict the resident. After knocking without answer, the locksmith began drilling when a single shot was reportedly fired through the door, striking the property manager in the leg. The property manager was taken to the hospital, and SWAT team rushed to the scene.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that a four-hour standoff then followed. The suspect finally surrendered after officers fired tear gas into the home.

Neighbors, who were told to shelter in place during the incident, told news crews that they were shocked by the incident.

“It’s pretty boring out here,” said one neighbor to CBS. “And then this happens. I guess it’s not as boring as you would think.”

An anonymous neighbor told CBS that the suspect is a 42-year-old man who purchased several properties when the economy was sunnier, but lost them one by one.

“I believe this would be his last one,” she said. “That’s why he was very desperate.”

The suspect was arrested and sent to the county jail.



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