09/19/2013 03:43 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2013

Media Loathed A Bit Less Than Last Year: Gallup

Congrats, journalists: you're not as hated as you were last year!

That piece of moderately OK news came from Gallup on Thursday, when the polling giant released one of its annual surveys about the media. Last year's edition saw American distrust in the media hitting an all-time high, with just 40 percent of respondents saying they could take stock in what the press said.

Now, that number has skyrocketed to a whopping... 44 percent.

Yes, 55 percent of people are still suspicious of the media. Those are bad numbers.

"This year's bump in confidence comes mainly from independents and Republicans, after these groups' trust in the media dropped last year amid a heated presidential election race in which Mitt Romney supporters may have felt their candidate was being treated unfairly," Gallup wrote.

Ironically, there have been possibly more high-profile media mistakes than ever--from Newtown to the Navy Yard--in the year since Gallup last polled Americans.



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