09/19/2013 11:56 am ET

Victoria's Secret Model: 'I Think It's Sexier To Be More Full'


As lingerie models shrink beyond recognition, we're happy to hear about one stunner who'd rather fill up.

Victoria's Secret model (and HuffPost blogger) Lindsay Ellingson admitted to our friends at Fashionista that she prefers to have a fuller figure than the one her industry projects. While she preps for December's Victoria's Secret fashion show, Ellingson is not feeding herself cotton balls -- but fatty nut butters instead. Lindsay filled Fashionista in:

"I like to add curves, I think it's sexier and more feminine to be more full. So I add like almond butter, peanut butter, protein shakes to my diet, just to feel a little sexier and curvier."

OK, so she's hardly chowing down on cake. But Ellingson's diet seems far more relatable -- and more palatable -- than subsisting on egg powder. And while Lindsay exercises often, "I try not to stress about it because that's never good," she says.

Amen, Angel.

The final product:

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Then & Now

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