09/20/2013 04:11 pm ET Updated Sep 20, 2013

Jordan Linn Graham Commissioned Bizarrely Prophetic Wedding Song Before Allegedly Pushing Hubby Off Glacier

A song custom-written for the wedding of a Montana woman accused of pushing her husband face first off a cliff is striking some as bizarrely prophetic -- including the songwriter.

As part of her wedding ceremony to Cody Lee Johnson, Jordan Linn Graham, 22, commissioned songwriter Elizabeth Shea to compose an original song called "You're Mine,"ABC News reported.

Normally, lyrics like "Everyone wants a safe place to fall, and you're mine" would be seen as common songwriting metaphors. In this case, they're being seen as a chilling prophecy, especially since Graham allegedly pushed Johnson off a steep cliff in Glacier National Park just eight days after their wedding.

Even the songwriter is freaked out by the coincidence, especially since the song was written months before the wedding and subsequent tragedy.

"I used words like 'You helped me to climb higher for a better view. You're my safe place to fall. You never let me go,'" Shea told "And so now, when I hear those words, it's a little creepy."

As morbidly appropriate as the lyrics seem in retrospect, Shea said she never expected Graham might have murder on her mind.

“She was excited when she talked about the wedding," Shea told "When she talked about surprising Cody, she would light up, and that seemed very genuine to me."

Shea told The Huffington Post that she writes all the songs herself using imagery based on the interests shared by her clients.

"Looking back, I see the irony in my lyrics but there was never a premonition nor pressure to use any specific words that would sadly relate to this tragedy," she said by email. "My heart aches for the friends and families involved."

Graham is currently on house arrest at her parent's home in Kalispell, Montana, pending a trial for second degree murder.

UPDATE: This story has been updated to include additional comments made by Shea to The Huffington Post.



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