09/20/2013 09:50 am ET Updated Sep 20, 2013

PBS Food's Awesome Kale Caesar Recipe Video Comes With Bonus Salad-Eating Dog

We've been fans of the Kitchen Vignettes series on PBS Food for some time now, but one of their latest videos really gave us all the happy summer feelings we crave right at the end of the season. In what we expected to be just another kale salad recipe video, we were delighted to discover that this included not only a delicious-looking Caesar riff, but also a kale-eating dog.

We don't mean a dog that ate some kale because dogs will eat anything. We mean a dog that systematically sought out raw kale and then begged for more. This dog's name is Lucy and she is our spirit animal today. The other most excellent part of this kale Caesar recipe is getting to watch someone make real, raw-egg-yolk Caesar dressing, which never fails to make us instantly hungry.

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