09/20/2013 06:54 am ET

How To Peel An Egg In Under 10 Seconds (VIDEO)

The worst part about hard-boiled eggs -- aside from the smell of course -- is having to peel them. Everyone has an opinion about the trick behind getting easy-to-peel boiled eggs. Adding vinegar, salt, oil to the pot as you boil eggs, you name it, we've tried it. Some of these techniques work and some don't, but none of them seem to work all of the time.

Rather than bothering with any fancy tricks while boiling our eggs, we're moving our attention to how to quickly peel eggs after the fact. Any method that lets us do it in under 10 seconds is worth trying. The latest method we found might not be the most hygienic -- it does require you to blow quite heavily on your eggs -- but hey, it's fast. And that's enough for us.

Watch the video above and see how it's done.

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