09/20/2013 05:46 pm ET

Scott Baio Admits He Hasn't Watched 'Arrested Development' Season 4 (VIDEO)

"Arrested Development" fans know all about Bob Loblaw's Law Blog, but it sounds like the man who plays the Bluth family lawyer won't be dabbling with blogging anytime soon.

During a conversation with HuffPost Live about his sitcom "See Dad Run," Scott Baio said he isn't very comfortable with technology -- so much so that he hasn't accessed Netflix to check out the fourth season of "Arrested Development."

When host Ricky Camilleri asked for Baio's take on the vociferous discussion of the show's new format, the actor offered a puzzled response: "About? What's the discussion?"

Then Baio admitted that he has not seen the latest "Development" season, in which he reprises his recurring role. The reason? He can't figure out how to get to it.

"I have Apple TV. I don't know quite how to work it, so I don't watch anything on it," he said. "I know that Netflix is on my Apple TV, but I'm a little illiterate when it comes to things like that."

See the full conversation with Scott Baio at HuffPost Live HERE.



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