09/20/2013 12:39 pm ET

Broom-Wielding Student's Vicious Attack On Teacher In South Africa Captured On Camera (VIDEO)

The Johannesburg student who was videotaped viciously attacking his teacher with a broom has been suspended from school, according to South Africa's Eyewitness News.

The boy, said to be an eighth grader from Glenvista High School, has reportedly been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.

News of the student's suspension comes on the heels of the viral spread of the shocking video capturing the assault. The video, which, according to Sky News, was originally posted on YouTube, shows the boy violently attacking a male teacher, as other students cheer, laugh and egg him on.

The incident was reportedly captured on camera via cellphone by another student. It remains unclear what, if anything, triggered the violent episode.

“I was absolutely disgusted and my daughter was in tears when she saw what a grade eight pupil was doing to the teacher," a parent identified only as Debbie told Eyewitness News. "At the beginning of the year, my daughter told me the grade eight pupils are like barbarians and their behavior is atrocious.”

Gershwin Chuenyane, spokesperson for Gauteng province's Department of Education, told South African news outlet that the department has "condemned the incident in the strongest terms".

Chuenyane added that the department has commended the teacher for being "professional, calm throughout, and never retaliating.”

Watch the violent attack in the video above.



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