09/20/2013 03:14 am ET

Valerie Harper Seeks Treatment For Her Terminal Brain Cancer On 'Valerie's Story' (VIDEO)

Valerie Harper may be inspiring people over on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," But it was NBC News that had "Valerie's Story." The special followed the actress as she underwent treatment for terminal, incurable brain cancer. Back in March, the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Rhoda" star announced that doctors had given her just three months to live. Now, she's dancing live every week.

In late August, it was announced that Harper was close to remission, with doctors telling her that she would see Christmas this year. That gives Harper at least six more months of life than she thought she had.

“It’s not curable," Harper said of her cancer. "There’s no question. It has to be managed.” But she was ecstatic to be able to look forward to Christmas.

"Life is about buying time," her doctor said.

“Exactly! That’s what I always say, Harper agreed.

Still, her cancer could take a turn at any point. Harper is preparing for the inevitable with the best possible attitude. When she was asked what her legacy should be, Harper said, "Oh she was a lot of fun. You know, Rhoda was great fun.”

For now, though, she's living every moment she has to the fullest, competing on "Dancing With the Stars." As she put it, "When life asks you to dance, you dance.”

Valerie Harper keeps dancing on "Dancing With the Stars" every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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