09/22/2013 10:06 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2013

'The Colbert Report' Wins Emmy For Outstanding Variety Series

"The Colbert Report" has won the 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series.

At last! The Colbert Nation has seized the Best Variety Series crown from its oppressors at "The Daily Show," and we're certain Stephen Colbert will have plenty to gloat about on next week's "Report."

In addition to besting Jon Stewart's perennial favorite (which has won a record-breaking 10 Emmys in a row in the category, and 18 Emmys total since premiering in 1996), "The Colbert Report" beat "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "Saturday Night Live."

This is "The Colbert Report's" third Emmy win overall and its first in this category, having previously won Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Series in 2008 and 2010. It was nominated for six Emmys this year, including the writing, editing and directing categories.

"The Colbert Report" airs Mon-Thurs at 11:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

09/22/2013 11:12 PM EDT


Do you think "Breaking Bad" deserved to win?

09/22/2013 11:09 PM EDT


"Breaking Bad" just won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series!!

09/22/2013 11:06 PM EDT

Outstanding Comedy Series ...

"Modern Family."

09/22/2013 11:02 PM EDT

'Behind the Candelabra'

"Behind the Candelabra" took home the Emmy over "American Horror Story: Asylum." Deserved?

09/22/2013 10:59 PM EDT

Michael Douglas beat out his co-star Matt Damon for the Emmy.

09/22/2013 10:56 PM EDT

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries/Movie is ...

Michael Douglas!

09/22/2013 10:55 PM EDT

Reactions to Kerry Washington's Loss

Kerry Washington's "Scandal" family took to Twitter after she lost the big award.

09/22/2013 10:51 PM EDT

Ellen Burstyn beat Sarah Paulson

Did the Emmy voters watch "American Horror Story: Asylum"? Ellen Burstyn beat out favorite Sarah Pauslon.

09/22/2013 10:48 PM EDT

Oustanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie is ...

Ellen Burstyn for "Political Animals."

09/22/2013 10:36 PM EDT

James Cromwell!

James Cromwell won an Emmy for "American Horror Story: Asylum." Here he is not being scary in "Babe."

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