09/22/2013 02:45 pm ET

Tyler Hicks, New York Times Photographer, Witnessed Nairobi Mall Shooting

Tyler Hicks, a photojournalist for the New York Times, was near the Nairobi mall where gunmen opened fire and killed dozens of people on Saturday, and rushed to cover the attack.

Islamic militants attacked Westgate mall, killing at least 68 people and injuring over 100 others, according to the Red Cross Sunday afternoon. They are currently holding hostages there, and facing off with Kenyan police.

Hicks said he ran towards the mall on Saturday and began taking photos with a small camera. His wife Nichole Sobecki, also a photojournalist, later joined him to cover the news and brought professional equipment. They followed security forces into the mall, where the locations of militants were still unknown, to take pictures.

Click over to the New York Times for Hicks' full interview and (WARNING: GRAPHIC) his photos from the attack. Hicks also spoke to ABC News' "This Week" on Sunday to describe what he had seen.

"Once in, it was clear that this was going to be something very bad," he told Martha Raddatz.



Attack At Mall In Nairobi