09/23/2013 08:06 am ET Updated Nov 23, 2013

Christian Bale's Batman Audition Tape Featured Amy Adams, Val Kilmer's Batman Suit

Gotham needs this: Warner Bros. is set to release "The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition" Blu-ray box set on Sept. 24, but fans can get an early look at one of the collection's special features thanks to BatmanNews.com. The site posted a video of Christian Bale's original audition for "Batman Begins," and the clip reveals how Bale decided upon his oft-imitated Batman voice. Other things of note: Amy Adams playing the female lead during the auditions as a favor to the production (it's like a prequel to "The Fighter"!), and Bale apparently wearing Val Kilmer's Batman suit. Ultimate wingman, that one.

[BatmanNews.com via Indiewire/The Playlist]

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