09/23/2013 04:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Netflix Spoiler Foiler Keeps Breaking Bad Spoilers Off Your Timeline


Are you a "Breaking Bad" fan who doesn't watch the show's new episodes the day they air? Netflix has your back.

On Monday, Netflix unveiled a Twitter app that hides "Breaking Bad" spoilers from your feed, called Spoiler Foiler. The app finds tweets containing any and all words associated with the show and blacks them out so you can read Twitter in peace. If you want to see what the offending tweet says, you just have to click it and its content will be revealed.

A tweet about "Breaking Bad" looks like this if you have Spoiler Foiler installed:

netflix spoiler foiler

Spoiler Foiler seems to be effective, but the only way to read a censored version of your timeline is on the Spoiler Foiler site. Your timeline on, TweetDeck and the like will all be normal.

If it seems like Netflix is a little late to the game, you're right. The final episode of "Breaking Bad" airs Sept. 29, so there's a very short period of time for you to be bothered by "Breaking Bad" spoilers. (That is, unless you're seasons behind like I am, in which case your entire life is spent in an anti-spoiler bunker).

Netflix doesn't care if you're watching "Breaking Bad" when it airs, though. It wants you to wait for the entire last season is available on Netflix, and for you to watch it there. That, or start now from the beginning. Netflix just wants to remind you that "Breaking Bad" is available on its site. So now you know.

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