09/23/2013 04:49 pm ET Updated Nov 23, 2013

Newsweek Staffers Can't Wear Jeans Or Dye Their Hair, Apparently

The union that represents the employees of Newsweek has a few bones to pick with the title's new owners.

International Business Times bought the struggling digital-only magazine in August. On Monday, the Newspaper Guild of New York announced that it had filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board about some of the restrictions being placed on its members.

"The Newspaper Guild of New York has accused the new owner of Newsweek of prohibiting its journalists and other employees from discussing their working conditions or criticizing their employer, a violation of U.S. labor law," the Guild's press release read.

To make matters worse, people can't even wear jeans (or sneakers) to work, according to a rulebook obtained by Politico. They also have to keep their hair in its "natural color."

Newsweek editor Jim Impoco responded to a question from Reuters blogger Felix Salmon about the dress code:

Impoco did not say whether or not he'd been hauled away by internal IBT guards for the apparent violation.



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