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'One Tree Hill' 10th Anniversary: 10 Memorable Moments From The CW Drama


It's the 10th anniversary of the premiere of "One Tree Hill," which aired on Sept. 23, 2003. So even though the CW drama ended last year, just shy of 10 seasons, it still means that we've now had Lucas (Chad Michael Murray), Peyton (Hilarie Burton), Brooke (Sophia Bush), Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Nathan (James Lafferty) in our lives for a decade -- do you feel old?

To celebrate the teen soap's birthday and its impressive nine-season run, we're taking a look back at 10 of the most memorable, weird, or most OMG-inducing moments from "One Tree Hill's" history. Hit the comments and let us know which were your favorites, and remind us of the ones we missed in the comments!

  • 1 A Dog Eats Dan's Heart
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    This may be the most legendary scene in "One Tree Hill's" vast pantheon of unbelievable moments: Dan had a heart condition that would kill him without a transplant, but just when they'd finally found a donor, a clumsy hospital worker tripped, sending the precious organ right into the jaws of a stoned dog, who then ate it. Lucas' face at the end of this clip says it all.
  • 2 Deb Hooks Up With Skills
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    "One Tree Hill" was known for its unlikely pairings, but the hook-up between Nathan's mom, Deb, and his friend and teammate, Skills, was particularly disturbing. That's a side of Deb we never needed to see.
  • 3 Deb Hooks Up With Jamie's Birthday Clown
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    Deb's questionable life choices are perhaps best epitomized in Episode 515, wherein Deb hires a clown for Jamie's birthday party and then proceeds to hook up with him. If you weren't scared of clowns before ...
  • 4 "Stay Out Of It, Nick Lachey!"
    YouTube/The CW
    Yes, Nick Lachey guest-starred on "One Tree Hill" on three occasions, recording a song with Haley and ending up as Brooke's date at Lucas and Peyton's wedding reception, which led to plenty of awkwardness between Brooke and her ex, Julian, and the immortal line, "Stay out of it, Nick Lachey!"
  • 5 Kevin Federline Guest Stars
    YouTube/The CW
    What's most shocking is that Kevin Federline ever had a career.
  • 6 Haley Slaps Rachel
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    No one messes with Haley. After Rachel cheated on a test and got Haley fired from her tutoring position, Haley laid the smackdown on the troublemaking teen -- partly for the cheating, but mostly for trying to seduce Nathan.
  • 7 Psycho Derek Attacks Peyton
    Who can forget Peyton's stalker, "Psycho Derek," AKA Ian Banks? He pretended to be Peyton's long-lost brother to get close to her, but soon showed his true colors in this "Scream"-esque confrontation. Despite being hit with a lamp, tackled by Lucas and Peyton's REAL brother, the dude was hard to keep down ... later returning to hold Peyton and Brooke hostage on Prom Night.
  • 8 Nanny Carrie's Many Shenanigans
    Nanny Carrie and Psycho Derek would've been a match made in heaven if they hadn't been so obsessed with other people. After being foiled in her attempt to kidnap Haley and Nathan's son Jamie by Dan, Carrie got her revenge by hitting Dan with a car, kidnapping him and using him to lure Haley and Jamie over so she could once again run off with Jamie. Thankfully, she was hit in the head with a champagne bottle by Deb before Dan shot her, putting a stop to her penchant for abduction once and for all.
  • 9 Haley Is Hit By A Car, Then Lucas Has A Heart Attack
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    In the process of saving Nathan from being run down by a vengeful Daunte, a pregnant Haley was hit by a car and the shock of it gave Lucas a heart attack. Say what you want about "One Tree Hill," the show certainly knew how to end episodes on a cliffhanger.
  • 10 The School Shooting
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    Unlike "Glee," "One Tree Hill" actually tackled the horrendous circumstances surrounding a school shooting with grace and pathos, and the consequences of that episode reverberated throughout the rest of the series. After the bullied and depressed Jimmy shot himself, the real gut-punch came when Dan found Keith by Jimmy's body and picked up the teen's fallen gun, murdering his brother in cold blood and framing Jimmy for Keith's death. It was the point of no return for Dan, and the most powerful moment in the series.

What are your most memorable moments from "One Tree Hill"?



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