09/23/2013 09:17 am ET

Sharon Dyer Calls Emergency Services On Goats, Records Her Interaction (VIDEO)

The goats were kidding around, but this woman wasn't.

Sharon Dyer, of Fort Worth, Texas, was so angry that two goats were eating her plants that she called emergency services. Luckily for us, her entire exchange with operators -- and the goats -- was caught on tape, according to NBC-DFW.

Animal control officers transferred her to 911 operators, who asked her if she needed police, firefighters or an ambulance.

"No, this is goats," Dyer said. "Two billy goats in my backyard."

She first saw the bush-munching billies while she was watching TV, KXAN reported. She picked up a video camera and followed them out to her back yard, where she tried to engage in conversation.

"Ya'll get," she can be heard yelling on the video. "Don't come over here to my garden."

To her horror, the goats started going for her palm tree that she'd brought home from a trip to Florida. With the phone still in her hand, she grabbed a table to defend her plants, screaming, "Not on my watch!" and "Get back!"

Police arrived and contacted the goats' owner, who lives around the corner from Dyer, according to WRCB. The man apologized for Savannah and Willie's dirty deeds. He promised Dyer that he'd replace the destroyed plants.



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