09/23/2013 04:16 pm ET

Woman Steals Car With Line About A Flat Tire, Then Crashes Three Times (VIDEO)

Here's a new one: a carjacker suggesting a victim's tire is flat, then making off with her car.

Miami Police are searching for a woman who stole a car Monday morning then crashed three times before taking off on foot with the victim's purse, reports NBC6.

Police told CBS Miami the incident started in the parking lot of a Sedano's supermarket in West Flagler when the suspect tapped on a customer's car window and alerted her to a supposed flat tire.

When the unsuspecting woman got out of the car to check her tire, the suspect jumped in the car and sped away.

The woman reportedly drove a few hundred feet from the supermarket when she crashed for the first time, then managed to drive another 100 yards before crashing a second time, according to NBC Miami.

All the while, the victim, who is 60 years old, tried chasing down her carjacker.

When the suspect finally crashed for the third and final time into the front of a home in the 2800 block of SW 2nd Street, CBS Miami reports, she ditched the car and ran.

So far police have not been able to find the suspect, described as a Latino woman in her 40s, about 150 pounds, and wearing dark clothing.

Police have been busy so far this summer with carjackings, previously warning of a crime ring targeting women at local parks, day cares, and gyms, Miami New Times reports:

The ring, believed to be based in Broward County, takes a stolen checkbook from one victim and writes a check to the name of a stolen ID from another victim. The ring then recruits a female accomplice who looks like the woman pictured in the ID to go to a bank to cash the check.

The accomplice usually does so using a bank's drive-thru and intentionally uses the lane farthest from the teller window to avoid close scrutiny and security cameras. The ring sometimes hits up several banks in the same day using the same checkbook.

Police have warned women in Miami not to leave identification or valuables in their cars.