09/24/2013 08:17 am ET

A Guide To Daydreaming: How To Make The Most Of Your Wandering Mind

Young Asian woman with thought bubbles lying on meadow smiling.
Young Asian woman with thought bubbles lying on meadow smiling.

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By Rob White

We’re told, “Stop gazing out the window. Stop daydreaming; it’s a big waste of time.”

And yet, the fact of the matter is that your world, and everything you experience in your world, is an out-picturing of inner pictures. Constructive daydreams are the instrument by which you create your world.

Go ahead: Gaze out the window, daydream about the future. Successful achievements begin with inner visions that you create while in the shower or stuck in traffic. However, you can’t stop there! You must repeat those visions over time until they are very clear in your mind. The clearer the picture, the more real it feels.

Felt visions become the initial substance that causes changes in your life -- not figuratively, but actually. A daydream that you can feel, although it starts out as fantasy, will harden into fact. But, when there’s doubt, you live without, because the vision is fuzzy and your feelings are nebulous.

Below, find a recipe for turning daydreams into future facts.

How To Turn Daydreams Into Reality

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