09/24/2013 12:47 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

Bill Clinton: Pregnant Staffer Among Kenya Mall Shooting Victims (VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton said his organization personally experienced loss in the Nairobi mall shooting, telling CBS that a pregnant employee of the Clinton Global Initiative was killed in the attack.

Clinton told "CBS This Morning" that an employee in the organization's health access program -- "which works on getting the world's cheapest AIDS and malaria drugs and building health systems around Africa" -- was among those killed in Kenya.

"She actually worked in Tanzania. And I saw her just a couple weeks ago in Dar es Salaam when I was there, but she was nine months pregnant, just a couple of weeks away from delivery," Clinton said. "So, she and her baby's father were walking in that mall in Nairobi, because she wanted to have the baby in Kenya. She thought that would be best. And they were both killed."

At least 62 people, including children, were killed in attack that began on Saturday. The attack ended on Tuesday, with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta saying "we have ashamed and defeated our attackers."



Attack At Mall In Nairobi