09/24/2013 08:40 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

Cornel West On 'Crossfire': Republicans Cutting Food Stamps Is 'Morally Obscene' (VIDEO)

Cornel West clashed with S.E. Cupp and Bill Kristol on Monday's "Crossfire" over the Republican effort to cut food stamps, calling it "morally obscene and spiritually profane."

The panel was discussing whether the Republican party lacks "compassion," and Cupp asked West if black Democrats were willing to engage with white Republicans.

"We black folk, we have been some of the most open-minded, forgiving and embracing people in the nation,” West answered. “We’ve got Clarence Thomases within our community. It’s not like we gotta go somewhere else to have conservatives. But the issue is this: Why are the Republicans cutting food stamps? That’s morally obscene and spiritually profane. Four million poor people may be pushed into poverty."

Kristol objected, claiming that food stamps have "doubled" over the last four years. "I thought the economy was roaring back under President Obama," he said. "Republicans try to trim an overgrown entitlement program, and that's morally obscene?"

West said both neoconservative and neoliberal policies were to blame for the growing need for food stamps. "Privatized militarized support big bank banks and big corporations. The result is what? Working class devastated. Middle class downward mobility. Escalation of poverty."

He continued, "People are suffering, but then you're gonna cut the food stamps anyway?"

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