09/24/2013 12:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Your Favorite Sesame Street Character Says About You

Let's just put this out there so everyone is clear: Sesame Street is awesome. And not in an ironic, it's-cool-to-love-a-kids-show-because-we're-adults kind of way. It's legitimately great television.

For one, in its 44 seasons the show has had a guest list that rivals any program in history. Second, it's proven to be a great way for children to learn. And lastly, it entertains non-muppets of all ages. Seriously, if you can watch this -- and you really should -- without smiling, you are a scientific marvel, because there is no way blood can pump through a heart of pure stone.

We all have a favorite Sesame Street character. Perhaps one we connected with early on, or one who, deep down, we've never lost love for. But what does that favorite say about the kind of person you are?


You're forever the fish out of water, the career worrywart. You try to make yourself comfortable, but the rest of the world insists on keeping you on edge. Just when you think you've achieved some semblance of stability or peace of mind, the rug is pulled out from underneath you, perhaps by friends or acquaintances that seem blind to your need for simplicity and order.

Part of your insecurity may be triggered by a physical feature that you're uncomfortable with, but that people love you for having. It isn't that your head is shaped like some sort of weird cone, making it very difficult to find good headphones. A bushy unibrow, perhaps?


You just can't let your friends have a relaxing, restful experience, can you? You're always trying to drum up some kind of excitement, which may even end in their injury or embarrassment. Still, your antics can be pretty funny for anybody who isn't your victim, which is partially why your friends keep you around.

People frequently mistake your enthusiasm and need for constant entertainment as ADD or some other condition, but you really just hate being bored. While this may wear on some of your more restrained friends, when it comes down to it, they love you for it and wouldn't want you any other way.

Oscar the Grouch

It's not that you hate the whole world and all the people and things in it, it's just that you're incredibly difficult to please. And why shouldn't you be? People may call you out on your highly critical behavior and suggest it makes you unpleasant to be around, but for some reason they keep coming back to try to win your approval. They probably never will, and if they did, you wouldn't even admit it.

You tend to like dirty, unpolished stuff that nobody else seems interested in, and while your critics will say you do this just to be contrarian and different, they just don't get it. You're a total hipster.

Cookie Monster

You are highly motivated, goal-oriented and borderline neurotic. At any given moment, you are driven by a single mission to reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. You're incredibly focused, except when it comes to anything that isn't getting you closer to that goal. And while the goal may be admirable, you can be rather heavy-handed in your pursuit of it.

Your unrelenting drive has been known to leave behind a wake of destruction as you press forward toward your achievement. That being said, it has also been known to be a crumbly and delicious wake of destruction, or so you'd like to believe. Furthermore, the satisfaction of meeting your goal makes the collateral damage to the rest of your life bearable. Sorry you're not sorry.

Mr. Snuffleupagus

You're a gentle soul, and you've got very simple needs. While some see you as soft-spoken or shy, you simply gravitate toward a smaller, closer-knit group of friends, whom you'd do pretty much anything for. You can be something of a hanger-on, however, and sometimes have a tendency to become an awkward third, fifth, or even seventh wheel on social outings. Despite your occasional oafishness, everyone who really knows you adores you.

Count von Count

You're so cerebral, analytical and obsessive, it's scary. You always notice the little details -- you have to, in fact -- and because of that, people have come to rely on you for your keen eye and mathematical skills. You can rattle off the numbers about the latest sports trade or figure out how much everyone owes for a restaurant bill, and have a good laugh while you're doing it.

Your brain chemistry wouldn't necessarily seem to lend itself to great social skills, but you've managed to make a bunch of friends. These relationships can sometimes become strained on either end when they intersect with your first love -- numbers.


You're an average, ordinary sort, a Clark Kent type. You're soft-spoken and unassuming. And while you're a perfectly nice person, to the untrained eye there may not be anything particularly special or interesting about you. Your inability to give off a memorable first impression makes you insecure, sometimes leading to flashes of overcompensation. This may appear to others like an extreme alter ego, hell-bent on impressing anyone and everyone around you, but maybe that's just the real you. Your displays don't always work out to your benefit, but at least your heart's in the right place.


You don't pretend to know a whole lot about anything, because you don't really mind not knowing it. But that doesn't mean you aren't curious about the big world out there. Compulsive and uninhibited, you love the thrill of trying new things. You really enjoy laughing and having fun, and have been described as a goofball. No one has a bad thing to say about you, at least not openly. Your constant cheer may give some of your skeptics pause.


You're a goofy and unapologetic prankster. You're the kind of person that would sneak into a room where someone's reading and unleash a blast on an airhorn, or put saran wrap over a toilet. Most of the time, you're pretty lovable, so people tolerate the nuisances you create for your own amusement. Be careful, though, you could be walking a thin line. Not everyone has a sense of humor, and you can only butt noses with someone for so long.

Big Bird

You just can't help but be a good person. And considerate, oh my god, you're almost too considerate. You're down for anything, and you're pretty darn talented, so that really means almost anything. Or nothing! Nothing is good, too. Whatever the person you're hanging out with wants wants to do is just fine. You just want everyone to be happy, and you do a great job of making sure that happens. Though you do have a really tough time shopping for sneakers.