09/24/2013 05:35 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

'Mom' Premiere: Anna Faris Tries To Be Better Mom Than Her Mom, Who Just Dropped Back Into Her Life (VIDEO)

Anna Faris jumps into television full-time as Cristy, a newly-sober mother who's trying to be better to her children than her mother was to her. So far, though, that's not going so well. But "Mom" isn't just about Cristy, it's also about her mother, Bonnie, played by Allison Janney. The two reconnect in the pilot, where Cristy learns that Bonnie has a better relationship with Cristy's teen daughter than Cristy does.

Both adult women are recovering addicts, and Cristy's daughter, Violet, is already heading down a questionable-but all-too-familiar path. Can the moms come together to help Cristy's kids avoid their mistakes, and mend their own relationship in the process? First, there's going to need to be some forgiveness.

“I’m so glad you and I have a chance to start over," Bonnie told her daughter.

“Forgive me, but I’m not quite there yet," Cristy said.

“Of course I forgive you!” Bonnie said, ironically. It was Cristy who wasn't ready to forgive her mother. And it was Bonnie who didn't seem ready to apologize, or maybe she wasn't fully aware that she had anything to apologize for.

Allison Janney was a hit with E! Online's Leanne Aguilera, but she wasn't sold on Faris. "Basically, if you're a fan of [Chuck] Lorre's other comedies ('Two and a Half Men,' 'Mike and Molly,' etc.) then you should definitely turn it on if you're in the mood for the same type of laugh-track-infused humor. The only thing that is keeping us intrigued is knowing that Justin Long and Octavia Spencer are both coming on as guest stars in a few weeks.”'s Kaitlin Thomas, on the other hand, found the premiere charming, writing that it "has the potential to grow into a show that leaves a hint of the warm and fuzzies in your heart while still meeting the sex-joke quota dictated by its status as a Chuck Lorre production. After awhile, the emotions and the raunchy one-liners will just cancel each other out anyway, and then we'll be left with a family of former addicts just trying to make things right. See? Heartwarming!”

Will you come back for more with "Mom," Mondays at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS?

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