09/24/2013 01:09 pm ET

'The Big Bang Theory' Meets 'Sesame Street': Kunal Nayyar And Grover Work Together To Fix A Robot (VIDEO)

Grover knows all the answers.

"Big Bang Theory" star Kunal Nayyar stopped by "Sesame Street" this week to hang out with Grover ... and a robot. Unfortunately, the robot had a few kinks that needed to be worked out.

After realizing that his robot couldn't provide people with definitions to words, Nayyar and Grover go to work. By the end of the segment, their robot was doing everything they ever hoped for and could finally say the words:

"A robot is a machine that can do things by itself, that are similar to what people can do."

Excellent work, Grover and Kunal.

"The Big Bang Theory" returns on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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