09/25/2013 05:26 am ET

'Chicago Fire' Premiere: Shay Isn't Sure Severide Is The Father Of Renee's Baby (VIDEO)

On the season premiere of "Chicago Fire," Severide was moving in with Renee. This came after she dropped the pregnant bombshell during last season's finale. But Shay was suspicious of the math, and so she confronted Severide about it.

“You said the baby’s coming on Thanksgiving, yeah?” she asked. "Well, it’s just that Renee left February 9th ... The due date should be the first week of November at the latest.”

Severide was immediately infuriated at Shay suggesting that the baby might not be his. He wouldn't even entertain the notion. TV Fanatic's Nick McHatton didn't like seeing Shay turned into the "bad guy," forced to deliver the not-so great news about the baby.

But TVLine's Vlada Gelman pointed out that this could be how they're planning to write Renee out of the show. She was noticeably absent from there premiere, and Sarah Shahi, who portrays Renee, was upped to a series regular on CBS's "Person of Interest" this season. If her baby isn't Severide's baby, that makes for a much cleaner departure.

Baby drama isn't the biggest problem looming for the firehouse, either. With budget problems, the house itself is on a short list of firehouses that could be shut down, though that isn't known beyond Chief Boden just yet.

"Chicago Fire" continues every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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