09/25/2013 04:57 pm ET Updated Sep 25, 2013

'Duck Dynasty' Star Si Robertson's Beard Has Probably Never Been Washed, Says Nephew Willie


Si Robertson's epic beard may have been carved in a corn maze, but in reality, the kooky uncle from the hit TV series "Duck Dynasty" might have bits of corn stuck in his bushy facial hair. At least, according to his co-star and nephew Willie Robertson.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Willie talks about the family men's famous beards and shares rather hair-raising thoughts about Si's.

"Si's beard is really awkward," Willie reveals to the magazine. "One side is longer than the other, and it's about three different colors. I don't think he washes it. It's nasty."

Unsurprisingly, Willie says the best beard is his own.

Two weeks ago, "Fox & Friends" took a look behind-the-scenes at "Duck Dynasty." Aside from learning that Jase in particular keeps his beard because it brings in money for the show, they had Uncle Si talk about himself in the third person. "The fans always ask me 'Is Si that crazy in real life?'" the Vietnam vet said, "and I said 'No, hey, he tones it down for television.'"

It all makes sense now.



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